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The first step of becoming healthier in body, is improvement of the diet. If one tries to exercise without improving their diet, almost no progress is made.
There is a phrase, "You can not out-train a bad diet".

A very simple start is to monitor what fluids you ingest.


The first step is to stop drinking soda, if you do. It does not matter if it is diet, or zero calorie. None of it should enter your body.

Drinking plenty of water is key, too. One should strive to drink between two and four litres of water a day, or more depending on activity level and enviroment.

People in a hot climate, or those who do hard work during the day, should drink extra.


There is a difference between natural sugar, and added sugar. Natural sugar is an important part of the diet, but added sugar is unnecessary, and unhealthy.

Natural sugar is found in fruits, vegetables, and milk. It is fine to eat.

Added sugar however, is processed and added to foods, such as candy, cakes, ice cream, and other sweets. Added sugar intake sould be limited.

The absolute most added sugar a person should have in a day is 50g. However, you should not even reach this number.

It is important to note, that one must take care in reading food lables. I will go more into this here. Labels